Saturday, October 2, 2010

30 September 2010

Hello from the other side of the pond!

It has been three weeks now that I have left little ole Allendale, MI. I'm sorry that it has taken me this long to put something together. My internet wasn't working for the past week if that makes it better, I don't know.

So my life:

I live in the middle of Casablanca, Morocco. It is a city of 6 million people. I live on the second floor in an apartment complex. There is about 6 floors with 4 apartments on each floor. It is a lot nicer than I was anticipating. I live with one other girl named Megan. When you walk in the door to my apartment there is the dinning area and living room. We have a TV that gets two Arabic channels on it. So I spend most of my days watching the soaps on it. (but not). We have a full kitchen and our washing machine is in there too. No dryer, every one just hangs their clothes to dry. I have my own bedroom and bathroom which is really nice. She gave me the master bedroom. I also have a walk in closet as well. So I really can't complain at all. If you want to google to area where I live, it next to a street called Ghandi. It is about 2 miles from the ocean. I have ran there a couple of times and it is beautiful.

My school, George Washington Academy (GWA), is about 20 minutes away. I ride with other teachers from school which is really nice. Some girls have to catch a taxi every morning. You can see the ocean from the school. It is so beautiful.  There isn't a gym but they have a multi purpose room where they eat lunch and have gym. Today they had a volleyball game in it.

My job:

"I save lives everyday, one band aide at a time."

Becca, who is a RN, has been training me. She is awesome. She has lived in Morocco for eight years now and knows a lot of the people and a lot about the culture. She has been such a blessing to me because I missed all of orientation but Becca has filled me in with a lot of things. At first we were seeing about 50 kids a day but now it is more like 20-30 kids.  Moroccans are huge in treating anything and everything. If I were to go to a doctor I would walk out with 5 presciptions, even if I had a cold. But I'm trying to do the "Jan Kuzee method" of medicine. "Let's see how you feel in a couple of days."

Last Sunday I went to a Spanish circus. I think they might be on a tour or something. It felt really old fashion because we sat inside a tent. There was lions, magic, motorcycles in a cage, and a clown. I had a lot of fun. I also went surfing on Wednesday which was pretty exciting. I never "rode a wave" but  I did stand up a few times. I going to try to go once a week if  I can afford it.

Well, I'm going to try to write once a week.

Love you all and miss you like crazy!!


  1. I Love you tons and miss you even more,
    lil sissy

  2. I'm so glad you've started a blog ... great idea. Thanks for the great update.